Wholesale Source Dog Leashes, Dog Collars And Dog Harnesses From China

wholesale source of dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses from China

Many pet store owners and online pet supplies owners are looking for good wholesale source of dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses from China. There are millions of pet leashes, collars and harnesses made in China. It is a piece of cake for you to source them through Alibaba. However, it is no exaggeration to say that 95% dog leashes, dog collars and dog harnesses listed on Alibaba.com is of low quality, stereotyped and low margin.

Let's have a look and you will know what's on Alibaba.

All these pet supplies listed on ALIBABAA.COM have something similar:

1.The overall quality of these dog leashes, collar and harnesses are very low-end. They are normally made of inferior material with loose sewing. And they seem very cheap.

2. 99% pet supplies on Alibaba are with ugly design. All these manufacturers never care about the beauty and appearance of their products. And surprsingly, they look the same. It is difficult for you to find something special and nice.

3. Margin of these products is quite low. These kind of low-end products are flooding in the entire pet supplies markets. And you can imagin what the margin is. 

4.  No competition. When every market participants sells similar low quality products, there is only one thing they can do. They will enter into price war. There is no competition at all to import these products from Alibaba.

5. They are always target at low-end market. Everyone in this market will not pay attention to quality, design and style. They just care about the price. The lower, the better.

What if you are a medium to high class pet store or pet grooming store?

Turst me, if you are going to import same pet collars, leashes and harnesses as others do, you will sink into fierce competition and end up with unsalable products or lowest margin.

To think in a different way is very important. When other pet stores are importing similar and low quality products from China, are you sure that you are going to do the same thing. Is there other good wholesale source of dog leads, collars and harnesses for pet supplies stores?

If you are considering to sell something different, you can check dog leashes, collars and harnesses designed and manufactured by P-NUTS.

Why do you buy from P-NUTS? What are advantages of P-NUTS products?

1. Unique and distinctive designs.

All our products are originally designed and manufactured by ourselves. It is easy for you to compare our products with others’ in the market or on Alibaba. P-NUTS dog leashes, dog collars and dog harness is is very special and easy to be identified.

2. High standard product quality

We use the best quality polyester webbing as material. It is soft but strong. And we apply highest standard sublimation printing which is never faded. Moreover, our sewing standard is the best in the whole pet supplies industry. Take one sample and you will know the differences.

3. Competitive Price

All these bulk dog leashes, dog dollars and dog harnesses are manufactured by our own company and directly sold by ourselves. Our wholesale price is super competitive.

4. Low Minimum Quantity Dog Leashes, Collars And Harnesses From China Manufacturer. We don’t set MOQ for pet stores. You can just buy 1 piece or 1 set to test quality and check your market.

5. We launch new designs every season. You can get the most trendy and fashionable designed pet supplies for your shop.

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Dog Leash & Dog Collar & Dog Harness

Best dog leash dog harness dog collar source in China

We are looking for long-term partners such as medium to high end pet stores, pet grooming stores and online pet supplies stores. If you want to know more about our current product series, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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