MOQ Myth When You Are Importing Pet Supplies From China

1. About Minimum Order Quantity

When you are importing custom pet supplies or private label pet product in China, you will hear a trading term frequently: MOQ

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement sets the lowest quantity of a certain product (pet leash, pet collar, dog jackets, dog bed, dog crate etc.) that a supplier is willing to manufacture. If the importer cannot reach the MOQ requirement, then the supplier is not willing or able to proceed production.

The MOQ requirement is the minimum number of units you need to order from a supplier. It can be set per order, per product, per material or per color. For example, if a supplier sets their MOQ at 500 pcs/item, then you must purchase at least 500 pcs each item before they can accept your order.

2. Why is there MOQ?

Generally speaking, pet supplies manufacturer & suppliers’ MOQ reflects the MOQ set by our materials subcontractors

Chinese pet products suppliers tend to keep a minimum stock of materials and components. As such, we must buy materials and parts from subcontractors, on an order to order basis. This, in turn, requires that pet supplies manufacturers and factories can satisfy the MOQ of the subcontractor.

This also explains why different items and different materials (or even colors of the same material) has different MOQs. With some effort, it is possible to work out how the MOQ can be lowered, by identifying which materials and components the supplier keeps in stock, or can buy in lower minimum order volumes.

3. Can you negotiate a lower MOQ?

It rarely hurts to give it a try. Normally, pet supplies and pet product manufacturers will provide some options or solutions for you.
Some suppliers may consider offering buyers a lower MOQ, in return for a higher price. It is easy to understand that the cost of buying raw material is increasing due to low quantity. So they have to raise the unit price.

Once your quantity is too small and the pet supplies factories are unable to proceed mass production for your custom/private label orders. The only choice for you is to consider ready-made goods rather than custom made products.

There are millions of off-shelf pet supplies and pet products in China, which are ready and in stock. It is quite easy for you to look for pet product resources like this at taobao, aliexpress and alibaba.

Off-shelf goods can be purchased in very small quantities. One of the disadvantage is that you can’t create your own logo, own label, nor to mention your own design. And furthermore, there are full of competitors in the pet supplies markets selling exactly the same products. The single competitive tool left is price.

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