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This thermal transfer printing dog harness is the most popular and fashionable pet product in the world. Several newly established pet supplies brands are doing quite well by selling this air mesh printing dog harness. Generally speaking, most of our customers will need us to custom create a whole harness set, including a vest dog harness, a printing dog leash, a collar and a poo bag holder, which provides a beautiful collection of pet supplies for end customers.

Welcome to P-NUTS PET

We are most professional and leading manufacturer for this air mesh printing dog harness in China. We have manufactured and exported more than 50,000 pieces of customized air mesh printing dog harnesses to more than 20 pet supplies brands & companies from USA, UK, AU, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Singapore, Japan and South Korea etc. If you are looking for reliable and professional supplier and factory in China to produce custom design/printing dog harness set, P-NUTS will be your best partner.

To Produce Custom Printing Dog Harness, Leash, Collar & Poo Bag Holder

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

To manufacture custom designed dog harness set, there is minimum order quantity requirement, which is 600 pieces per product, 3 patterns can be mixed. Let’s say neoprene printing dog harness, the minimum quantity is 600 pieces. You can allocate 600 pieces to 3 printing designs. It will be 200 pieces per design. Our manufacturing cost is far too high when the order quantity is less than 200 pieces per color per product. And we will not accept your order because we are not able to arrange normal production.

Why Do We Set Minimum Order Quantity?

Theoretically, we can manufacture even 1 unit of custom designed harness. But in this case, our basic cost is roaring, so is the product unit price. Because manual labour, time and material resources for small quantity orders is as much as large quantity orders. So if you can accept unit price of a custom harness up to 20-100USD, then we can accept your order quantity lower than our MOQ. However, If you want to purchase tailor-made air mesh harness in relatively low prices and maintain high profits, then please follow our MOQ requirement. This is objective principle of mass production. And to be frank, it is impossible to find out a manufacturing factory in China can accept customization harness/leash/collar order lower than 50pieces per size per design. So if your business is too small to place order meeting MOQ requirement, please buy our stock first rather than considering of custom products.

Basic Budget

Above all, manufacturing 2-5 custom designs of this nice & high quality printing harness set, the basic cost is from 3000-8000USD. If you really determine to start up your business and sell custom-made dog harness, it is a must to prepare a sum of basic budget. So if you only have several hundred dollars to run business, just dismiss the idea of manufacturing customized pet supplies from your mind. It is infeasible. Business is business. It’s not a game. A majority of people have idea to build up their own business, however, only the minority make their dreams come true.

Product Selection

As preparation, it is necessary for you to do some local market research and decide what kinds of products you are going to sell. There are lots of combinations for this air mesh dog harness set. Some people may choose to combine a harness with a leash and a collar. Some others may choose a harness with leash, collar and a poo bag holder. You should decide your product combination, sizes, and how many custom designs you are going to purchase at the beginning of your business. In a word, all these essential things are decided and limited by your business budget.

Logo & Custom Designs

Ahead of contacting us, you’d better finish your logo and product designs. We are a professional pet supplies ( pet leads, pet collars & pet harnesses) manufacturer in China. We will only work with serious and sincere clients. In fact, we receive more than 10 inquiries everyday from people around the whole world. They all tell us that they want us to help manufacture custom air mesh harness set for them. But only a few of them have prepared their logo and designs. 99% of people prepare nothing. All they have is a hollow idea that they may wish to sell custom made dog harness. If you are those 99% of people, to be frank, no professional suppliers will have interest to do business with you. And your email will be ignored directly. Because all that you show is unprofessional and insincere.

Suming Up

To sum up, if you are so determined to create your own custom-made and designed printing dog harness and related products, below things are quite important for you to prepare before contacting us.
1. A sum of money: 3000-8000USD
2. You should decide how many designs, sizes you are going to purchase and sell.
3. Think about whether you can meet our minimum order quantity requirements for custom manufacturing dog harness.
4. Start to prepare your logo and custom product designs.
5. Make a draft of your order detail.

If you have no preparation at all and just send an email requesting us to quote price to you, I’ m sorry to say that you will never receive a reply from us. Because for customized dog harness set orders, detail information like logo type, sizes, quantity, product specification is necessary for us to count basic cost and quote price.

If you have well prepared and looking for a reliable custom dog harness supplier and manufacturer in China, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide most professional service and high quality products to help you build up your own brand and make profit from this business.


Founded in 2009, P-NUTS PET is a leading and professional custom-made pet products manufacturer and pet supplies factory in China. We are specialized in high quality, trendy-designed and comfortable pet products, pet supplies and pet accessories etc.

This sublimation printing air mesh dog harness set is our most hot-sale and strongest product. We are proud of providing custom dog harness set made to individual specifications. We have been exporting 50000 pieces of customized air mesh dog harness to more than 20 pet supplies brands and companies.

If you are seeking for a reliable, professional and high efficient custom pet products manufacturing factory in China, please do not hesitate to contact P-NUTS PET.

Love your pet, Love your life.

China Custom-Made Dog Harness Dog Leash Dog Collar Manufacturer

Our Services

Located in China, We provide outstanding custom manufacturing service for clients from all over the world to produce custom designed dog harness, leashes, collars & poo bag holders.

Business Consultation

With 10 years experience, we are able to provide valuable advice and information on product function, designs and accessories helping you succeed in setting up your pet supplies brand.

Custom Private Logo

We have capabilities to create all types of custom logo for you, including PVC logo, 3D silicon logo, embroidery logo and dropping glue logo etc.

Custom Printing Patterns

Printing designs are the most important thing to make your products different. We are able to manufacture your own designed custom printing patterns.

Custom Accessories

The devil is in the detail. Applying a few top-notch accessories will upgrade your products. We have a number of super high quality and unique accessories to add on this custom harness set.

On Time Delivery

Under strict and scientific production management, we can make sure that each of your order will be finished and delivered on time.

Shipping Arrangement

We have long term cooperative forwarders and partners. We help arrange shipping for our customers internationally with reasonable freight and ideal way of transportation.

What Our customers say

We've decided to expand our products and sell the air mesh harness set in UK. It was so lucky that we found P-NUTS. They are extraordinary professional. We worked with them to make 4 custom designs. All items they produced were gorgeous, high quality printing, sewing and accessories.

Lizzie Watkins

We have been working with P-NUTS since 2017. They are really a faithful and long-term partner. They always provide us best solution each time that we have new product designs. There is no denying the fact that we achieved big success by selling this sublimation harness set.

Emma Thompson

Best service best quality best partnership. P-NUTS is one of our most important supplying partners in China. We sent them custom designs to manufacture air mesh vest harness, lead, collar and waste bag holder. They showed their high specialization by answering lots of product questions when we contacted them at the first time. We were 100% satisfied when we received the goods shipping from China to United States. And we have been repeating our orders with them. You can totally trust them if you work with them.

Matthew Wright

I still remember I met their sales manager Colin in the Asian pet fair in 2011. I was attracted by their product designs and quality. From then on, we've been working with each other for about 10 years. It is generally accepted that the custom printing dog harness set is a new trend in pet supplies market. What has already been proved is that we sold thousands of this harness set in 6 months. Although there is covid -19 epidemic this year, we've placed our new order with Colin. We believe that we will doing well even if business will be more or less affected by the epidemic.

Will Hanks

It's time to create your own

P-NUTS team manufacture custom printing dog harness set (harness, leash, collar & poo bag holder)for pet supplies brands and pet product companies from all over the world. Produce perfect customized pet supplies with your own brand logo.

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