Buying and importing OEM ODM Outdoor Dog Jackets from China A Complete Guide

How To Import Custom Outdoor Dog Jackets Dog Garments From China

China has been the world’s largest exporter of dog jackets and dog garments. Giant and small brands place orders to pet apparel and dog jackets manufacturers in China. There are more than 10000 factories manufacturing all types of dog jackets dog vest dog garments in China.

How and where can foreign brands and companies find reliable, small MOQ manufacturers in China? What problems will you face when you are working with China’s sports apparel manufacturers?

Why Do You Buy And Import Custom Dog Jackets Dog Garments From China?

Why Do You Buy And Import Custom Dog Jackets Dog Garments From China?

1. Competitive manufacturing cost.

China still has a strong cost advantage in pets' apparel production. Because of the high labor cost, many pets apparel manufacturers have moved from the Pearl River Delta or the Yangtze River Delta to remote inland cities. The labor cost of these inland cities is relatively low. Therefore, the dog apparel and petswear made in China is still very competitive in terms of price.

2. The skill level of manufacturing pets garments or dog jackets in China is very high.

China's pet supplies and pet products industry has been developing for 25 years. Therefore, China has accumulated a lot of experienced workers and technicians. China's pet/dog garment production skills and technology are much higher than that in Southeast Asian countries.

3. In China, the upstream fabric market has grown maturely.

The development of China's pet/dog garments industry benefits from the rapid development of China's fabric market. In China's fabric market, there are many types of new fabric every year. The world's newest and most popular fabric for making pet or dog jackets and other petswear can be easily found in China's fabric markets.

4. The average quality of pet apparel and dog jackets from China is very high.

Many large companies' pet apparel or dog jackets orders have high requirements for sewing techniques and product details. They place orders with factories in China. Because only Chinese manufacturers can meet their quality requirements.

5. In China, pet garments customers have more choices to select a suitable and reliable pet apparel supplier.

As long as you have enough patience and experience in sourcing, you can find the right factory to manufacture pet apparel and pet garments for your, which can meet your requirements. Many large pets garments factories, mainly because of the pressure of the daily operation of the factory, they demand a high minimum order quantity. For many pet supplies start-ups and brands, due to the lack of funds and the fact that their business is just getting started, it is difficult for them to meet high minimum order quantity. But it doesn't matter. Because you know, 80% of China's pets garments and dog jackets manufacturers are small or medium-sized factories. If your start-up capital is limited, then you can focus on working with some small to medium factories which have much lower minimum order

Where Are Industrial Clusters For Manufacturing Pet Apparel And Dog Garments?

Guangdong Province

Guangdong is the earliest production base for pet apparel. With extensive experience, the quality of sportswear produced in Guangdong is higher than that of other provinces. This is the biggest advantage of many outdoor dog jackets manufacturers in Guangdong.

The disadvantage of Guangdong’s pets garments and dog jackets factories is that their production costs are a bit higher than costs in other provinces. Because the wages of workers in cities of the Pearl River Delta are constantly increasing.

Under this economic situation, many factories in the Pearl River Delta have moved to inland cities and regions with low wages to maintain the advantages of manufacturing costs.

At nowadays, Guangdong’s petswear and pet garments enterprises are mainly concentrated in Dongguan and Guangzhou. For instance, P-NUTS pet supplies factory is located in Dongguan.The overall production cost of Guangzhou is a little higher than that of Dongguan.

Fujian Province

Fujian is also an important manufacturing cluster for pet garments production. There are about 2,000 factories specializing in pet and dog jackets/clothes in Fujian.

First, it started a little later than Guangdong, but Fujian also has about 20 years’ experience in manufacturing pet supplies and pet garments. Therefore, Fujian’s factories have developed maturely in terms of workers’ technology, machinery and equipment. The quality of the products produced by factories in Fujian is also of high standard.

Second, Fujian’s pet garments factories and suppliers are mainly gathered in these cities: Shishi, Quanzhou and Jinjiang.

Zhejiang Provinces

There are also a number of petswear and dog garments manufacturers and pet garment industry clusters in Zhejiang.

The average manufacturing price and cost of pets garments dog jackets manufactured in Zhejiang is competitive, determined by the local human resource cost.

However, there is one thing that foreign pet supplies companies and customers must pay attention to. The overall quality of dog jackets and pets garments produced by Zhejiang OEM factories is relatively low. In order to win the competition, many pets garments factories in Zhejiang province will offer unbelievable low prices to customers. But you will find that the quality and the details are in a mess when you finally receive the goods. I have several clients told me their worst experience dealing with pet supplies factories in Zhejiang and Jiangsu. And you know, the final economic losses can only be borne by themselves.

I don’t mean that we can’t cooperate with all the pets garments manufacturers in Zhejiang. I am just trying to tell you two things:

First, when you find out offers from Zhejiang dog garments suppliers are too much lower than average price from others, you should be more careful. Do not focus on price only or it’s always a bad result in the end.

Second, after you place order with the pet garments factories in Zhejiang, you must carefully follow up every step of the production. You’d better personally inspect your goods for the first 3 orders before loading.

Problems You May Face When You Are Importing Pet Garments Dog Jackets From China

1. Serious Quality Problems
Because some irresponsible pet supplies factories do not have strict control of product quality, the biggest problem you may face is that serious quality problems such as the loose sewing, large area of stains, a lot of thread ends and fading color. You must find out these problems before shipping and request the factory to make things right. If not, you will lose a lot of money.

2. Wrong Sizes and wrong colors.
Do provide your own size chart to the factory when you are placing pet garments order with them. And you can add the size chart and color requirements into your purchasing contract. It means that the factory should follow your size chart and color requirements to produce. If they make big mistake like all sizes are much smaller or larger than what you need for your market, you can ask them to make compensation for violating the contract clause. You have a great chance to meet some factories that are particularly careless. Problems like wrong sizes and wrong colors happens time to time.

3. Incorrect Labels
Another frequent problems is incorrect labels for pet garments. The spelling or printing of labels and hangtags is not right. Then you should judge whether you can compromise and decide whether the problem is all right to accept or not.

4. Delay of Delivery
The delay of delivery happens frequently when you dealing with dog garments and dog jackets suppliers in China. The most common situation is that they need to delay one or two weeks to deliver your goods. In this regard, when you are planning at the first beginning, you should reserve more time for your orders, which means even your items get delayed for 15 days, it still can meet your sales season and your distributors’ requirements.

P-NUTS PET, A Professional Pet Apparel, Pet Garments And Dog Jackets Manufacturer And Supplier In China

P-NUTS PET is a China-based custom dog jackets & pet garments manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been providing one-stop customization and OEM ODM services for many pet supplies & pet products brands from Europe, Middle East, Australia, Canada and USA.

1. Original designs.
We launches new designs of outdoor dog jackets every season. All our produced dog jackets are designed and developed by our own design team.

2. Highest product quality.
besides top-grade material and accessories, P-NUTS PET factory applies strict product quality management and control. All our outdoor jackets are manufactured by experienced craftsmen. Our QC team checks every piece of pet garment strictly to maintain high standard.

3. Competitive Price.
Importing custom OEM ODM private label outdoor dog jackets and all kinds of pet garments from P-NUTS is high efficient and cost effective. We always insist on earning our reasonable margin.

We are not only manufacturing pet clothes, dog garments and dog jackets for our clients internationally, but also providing comprehensive solutions for them to win in the fierce pet supplies market competition.

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